Archos is known around these parts for their budget tablets, a few cheap smartphones, and, most recently, an Android-powered netbook. Well in case you've forgotten, the company has an upcoming activity tracker, scale, and blood pressure monitor that it would love for you to pick up as well, all of which it unveiled back at CES. These "Connected Self" products will require a companion app to get much use out of, which the company has just dropped into the Play Store.


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The app does what you would expect, monitoring steps taken throughout the day, your weight, and your blood pressure. The features don't sound groundbreaking, but that's usually not why we pick up Archos products in the first place. We get them because they're cheap.

The requisite hardware isn't available for sale just yet, but you can count on the products being competitively priced against the likes of FitBit, Runtastic, Jawbone, Nike, and others once they land.

Archos Connected Self
Archos Connected Self
Developer: Archos S.A.
Price: Free