Update: [APK Download] Latest Google Play Store 4.8.19 With PayPal Support, Simplified App Permissions, Bigger Buttons, And More.


In a fairly surprising move, Google just announced on the company's Android developer blog that the Play Store will now allow users to pay for their purchases using PayPal in 12 countries. Those countries are Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the US, and the UK.


The new PayPal option should just show up as an option when you make a purchase in Play, and you can now add your PayPal account to your Google Wallet as a payment source. The feature may take some time to roll out, so if you're not seeing it yet, just hold tight. The limitations are pretty straightforward: you can't use PayPal for device or accessory purchases, or for non-Play Store Google Wallet purchases. It has to be digital content.

Carrier billing and gift cards

Google also announced expanded carrier billing and gift cards, too, today. Carrier billing has been added for more carriers in Australia (Optus), Austria (3), Singapore, Thailand (AIS), and Taiwan, though the full list isn't clear. Gift cards are making their way to Japan and Germany. The list of new Play gift card countries isn't made clear, either, and the two countries Google does mention (Japan, Germany) already have them.

Buyer currency and countries where developer can sell apps

Finally, developer sales countries have been added, 13 to be exact, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey (again, the full list isn't yet clear). Buyer currency support has been added for 28 new countries, too. The changes for developers all appear to be happening on the back end (a Play Store update may be necessary for end users, it's not clear), so just sit back and relax.

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