The SwiftKey developers are getting ready to introduce a version of their popular third-party keyboard with Japanese input support. Prominent features should transition over just fine, with the keyboard still able to make personalized predictions and suggest emoji that it thinks may be appropriate. It will be able to switch back and forth between Japanese and English, making it useful for native Japanese speakers and friends of Japanese speakers alike.


The app is currently in beta, but it's open for anyone to download and try. To do so, just head over to There you can sign up for the open beta and help the team work out the kinks.

What's new:

  • Both Japanese and English language support
  • SwiftKey Heatmap, which gives users a visual representation of how they type, and game-changing autocorrection – unique in the Japanese market and functions that we hope will revolutionize the typing experience for our first-time Japanese users!
  • Our SwiftKey Flow function in English – an additional innovation for the Japanese market
  • Emoji prediction – not only does SwiftKey have fully integrated emoji menus, emojis are also suggested as you type for fun-filled sentences
  • Personalized predictions tailored to you, learning your particular writing style across your social networks

Source: SwiftKey