Amazon's Appstore now has access to Rockstar's PS2-era open world crime trilogy, Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas. Unfortunately, it looks like these editions are only for the Kindle Fire tablets and the new Fire TV set-top box. But if you do have any of those Amazon devices, and you buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $6.99, you'll get a whopping 2000 Amazon Coins ($20 in Amazon Appstore credit) for free. You might call it a steal.

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San Andreas is the biggest and most expansive of the trilogy, though there are those that prefer GTA III or Vice City. But it's still a great game almost ten years after its initial release - and some of you might even be old enough to legally play it now! The Play Store version of the game includes touchscreen controls and support for hardware controllers, and presumably that has been retained for the Fire TV version with its Amazon-branded game controller.

You can't get the Appstore credit from buying GTAIII or Vice City, more's the pity. (Those games are five bucks each, and also appear to be limited to Amazon hardware.) But there's nothing stopping you from using your new Coins to purchase both games, and still have $10 in credit left over for other games or in-app purchases on the Appstore, including those that are compatible with wider Android hardware.

The offer is good from now until June 11th. The coins expire after one year. If you don't have a Kindle Fire or Fire TV, the three games have the same prices on the Play Store.

Amazon Appstore - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas