The Galaxy S5 already has pretty decent battery life, but ZeroLemon wants it to last quite a bit longer. The phone comes with 2800mAh of juice out of the box, but ZeroLemon has an extended battery, case included, that will bump that up to 7500mAh. That's over twice the battery life, and you can now get your hands on it through Amazon for $49.99.


This case will offer your phone some extra protection, but it does have a few drawbacks. Primarily, the phone will no longer be water resistant. The ZeroLemon branding is also a bit over the top, but I'm well aware that this isn't a deal breaker for tons of people.

The battery may come with some sacrifices, but at fifty bucks, it's a pretty compelling offer. This is the kind of battery life that could make Galaxy Note 3 owners jealous. Hit up the link below.

ZeroLemon 7500mAh Extended Battery + Case