Kongregate has brought Tiny Dice Dungeon to Android, supplying us mobile gamers with another RPG filled with quests, battles, and loot. This particular game is set apart by its innovative turn-based combat system, which requires players to roll die to attack. The numbers rolled determine how much damage gets dealt. Rolling a double causes increased damage, while getting a one means the attack misses. The system works by combining strategy with good old-fashioned luck.

Tiny1 Tiny2

There's a decent chance you will know whether or not you want to play Tiny Dice Dungeon just from taking a look at its screenshots. That's right, this is another 2D title that feels 8-bit graphics are good enough. If it's any consolation, the audio matches.

The game is free, though it does contain a few in-app purchases. Upon first glance, there doesn't appear to be anything that detracts from the experience too much, and you should be able to play the entire game without spending a dime. Hit up the widget below.

Tiny Dice Dungeon
Tiny Dice Dungeon
Developer: Springloaded Ltd.
Price: Free+