You can probably figure out almost all the salient details of this story without reading it – we've seen almost the exact same thing happen to other developers. I'll just give you a moment to outline the situation in your head, then we'll see how close you got. Ready? Okay. The developer of the super-neat video indexing app Mizuu was notified earlier today that Google has pulled the app for violating Google's policy on sexually explicit material.


Mizuu plugs into to analyze and ID your video files. It then attaches cover images, descriptions, and other data. Some of the content in the database is of a more risqué variety, but the app has that stuff disabled by default. The issue, according to the developer, is likely that some titles in themoviedb are not categorized properly as adult material and might appear in the app with default settings. The dev points out this is no different than a browser app that can navigate to themoviedb, but that's not a distinction made in Google's Play Store agreement. [How are you doing so far? Close?]

Google tends not to be very communicative in these situations, but the dev has reached out anyway. The current plan is to re-upload Mizuu as a new package soon, but that means users will have to buy it again. It isn't made clear in the Google+ post whether or not some changes will be made in an attempt to prevent a recurrence of this problem. If it's the same app just as a different package name, Google might end up taking more extreme steps. [Were you right?]