Google Now does a lot of neat things, but the way Google plugs in its wealth of data makes sure the functionality changes often and in unexpected ways. Case in point, it helps you set reminders for some oddly specific events. Need to cancel an auto-renewing membership? Try asking Google Now.

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Simply tell Now that you want to cancel Netflix, Amazon Prime, or a number of other services, and the card will give you a direct link with no additional prompting. The link will be called "Cancel Subscription," and it will open the actual cancellation prompt for some services like Netflix. For others (Hulu Plus, for example) it appears to just link to the FAQ page on the site that directs you to the correct account page. Still more convenient than digging around yourself, though.

I've found this works (to varying degrees) with Netflix, Hulu Plus, Comcast, and Amazon Prime. There are likely many more services it'll work with, so let us know what you find.

[Thanks, Brent Cole]