Update: Amazon's pre-order page has been updated, and now it appears the Moto G LTE will be shipping out on June 3rd (next week). Nice.

The Moto G is probably the best deal in low-end Android hardware at the moment, but its modest specs are missing one vital component: LTE connectivity. It looks like Motorola is aiming to fix that omission, admittedly with a slight premium. LTE versions of the previously 3G-only phone are now on Amazon in a pre-order form, set to ship on June 30th for $219.99. That's just $20 more than the standard no-contract phone.


At the moment black and white models are showing, though the former seems to be without a product shot. It's a safe bet that Motorola was planning on announcing an LTE variant of the Moto G at its press event tomorrow - someone at Amazon probably pulled the trigger a bit early. Those of you who haven't bought a Moto G just yet might want to hold off a little bit longer. Note: though full pages aren't enabled for the LTE Moto G phones yet, it's almost certain that these are for GSM-LTE networks only. Sorry, Sprint and Verizon users.

Motorola is expected to reveal the Moto E tomorrow at its London event. Leaks indicate that it's an even cheaper device than the Moto G.

Source: Max Smolev (Google+)