If you missed that big game and want to catch up quickly, you can always tune into Sportscenter or any number of websites. But if you want to do so as fast as humanly possible, Google is happy to oblige with a new addition to the ever-expanding search functions. For the latest NBA games in the US, Google is adding short video recaps to the score cards that automatically appear when you search for a team or a game.

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The short videos come from the NBA's official YouTube channel, and the feature seems to have been implemented as a special addition for the basketball postseason. That means that this is almost certainly an official collaboration between Google and the National Basketball Association, so don't expect to see similar recaps for baseball, football, or any other sport - at least for the time being.


You can see the recaps addition on searches made via the official Search app and in the browser, both on your phone and on desktop platforms. On the desktop, clicking the video opens a temporary window with some nifty game elements. Here's hoping that Google pursues something similar for other sports.