Which tech company is the first to come to mind when it's time to have a good time? That's right, Microsoft. Now the company is ready to bank on this reputation by releasing QuizToWin for Android, a "real-time quiz application," according to its Play Store page. Okay, I was joking before, but this sounds like exactly the kind of entertainment Microsoft would bring to your next company party right after it helps with catering (Panda Express, again?).

QuizToWin1 QuizToWin2 QuizToWin3

QuizToWin4 QuizToWin5 QuizToWin6

The app could help event organizers run quizzes with multiple contestants. It lets users compete remotely, answering questions served from a central CRM system. Players can follow along on their own, keeping tabs on others via a general scoreboard.

The software looks like it belongs on Windows Phone, but this is a Microsoft product, and that's to be expected. Sure there's something a wee bit off about it, but at least it's trying to have its own sense of style. That's commendable. So play along, answer a few questions, and please try not to laugh this time.

Price: Free