Eight inches is a fine size for a tablet, but the options are still pretty slim. People in want of a stock Android experience in the form factor pretty much have to go with the LGGPGPE or hack together their own solution. Thankfully the latter is, depending on the device, as simple as gaining root and flashing a ROM. CyanogenMod has just rolled out its first nightlies for Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. This provides consumers with a certain degree of tech-savviness another option for an 8" slate.

When searching for the file, look for mondrianwifi. The download is just over 200MB.

CyanogenModThis is early software, and quirks are to be expected. As usual, exercise caution when flashing the ROM. We can't be held responsible for any harm that comes to you, your device, or any of your neighbor's cats in the case of any issues.


Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 CyanogenMod page