Yahoo has released another Android app and - hey, come back here, this is actually cool - it's an attractive take on providing the news. Yahoo News Digest gathers bits of news from around the Internet (various reports, video, Wikipedia entries, Google maps, etc.) and puts them together to form a single story. The formula isn't quite the same as Circa's, but it should seem familiar to anyone accustomed to that bite-sized news app. Presentation is half the appeal here, and you may be pleased to know that Yahoo has done a good job creating an app that doesn't offensively ignore all of Android's taste in design. It even comes with a widget.

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Yahoo News Digest is available in US, UK, Canadian, and International editions (all in English). It isn't going to satisfy people who want an unending stream of news, but it could be just the ticket for mere mortals with a limited amount of time for consuming information. Top stories arrive every day at 8AM and 6PM, just like a delivery boy who rides by just before and after work. How nice.

Yahoo News Digest
Yahoo News Digest
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free

Source: Yahoo