As we've said before, Phonebloks' concept of a modular phone built using swappable, easily upgradeable parts is as awesome as it is unlikely. Yet that doesn't mean we can't sit here, watch the company's videos, and dream. We have our eyes on Project Ara, Google's take on the idea, and we can't wait to see what comes of it. But apparently Phonebloks already sees this as small potatoes. The company doesn't want just a world of modular phones. It wants to see all of our Internet-connected devices utilizing such hardware.

Phonebloks1The idea is that you could take a storage module out of your smart TV and stick it into a laptop, washing machine, or fridge in need of additional space. Phonebloks wants to move the industry in this direction, and it has released a new video laying out its vision.

Phonebloks has formed a new partnership with Sennheiser, a German audio company with experience making headphones, microphones, and other such products for both professional and consumer use. Phonebloks plans on using this connection to develop better bloks, and with any luck, this will be just the beginning. It has put out the call for more companies to jump on board.

Only time will tell if anything comes from any of this. Until then, we will sit back and return to our regularly scheduled dreaming.

Source: Phonebloks