We've all been in this situation before: it's the weekend, you're ready to hit the town with your peoples, and...no one knows where to go. So you sit around for like an hour or more trying to figure it out, only to end up at the same crappy place you've been to 100 times before and finish the night up with some IHOP. C'mon guys, you know there's more to life than just dive bars and IHOP. The problem is finding them.

Enter the answer to your quandary: DrinkAdvisor. DA is an app that aims to make your night life a little better, and a lot less complicated. It helps you find the type of bar you want to hit, offers users ratings, directions to said bar, and even offers suggestions on what to drink. When you find a spot you like, add it to your favorites to easily find it again and even access its info offline.

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Right out of the box, DrinkAdvisor's interface is simple and easy to navigate; just sign up for an account and you're ready to go. The primary screen breaks everything down into categories, which makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for quickly: bars, drinks, cocktails, reviews, friends, events, favorites, activity, and profile. Most of those are pretty straight forward, but we'll look at the less-than-obvious ones later on.

The primary use for most users will likely be the "bars" feature, which features bars and night clubs "in over 130 of the biggest cities in the world," and the DA crew adds more locations and cities on a daily basis. So if your spot isn't there yet, don't fret, it could hit soon enough. If you're already in a big city, however, there's a good chance you'll find something new to check out. Once a location has been selected, it gets straight to business with a seemingly endless list of bars and clubs, all with images, ratings, hours, a brief description, and reviews. Here's an example listing from the Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar in Dallas, TX.

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Once you've found a bar and fired up navigation to take you there, the next step is figuring what you'll spend the night drinking. Maybe you have an old go-to, and that's fine, but maybe you're in the mood for something new and adventurous. With DrinkAdvisor, you can jump straight into the drinks section to explore the world of alcoholic beverages - everything from whiskey and vodka to absinthe and beer make an appearance here; if you're unfamiliar with a certain drink, DA gives a nice set of facts about it, the beverage's history, how to drink it, suggested food pairings, and even how it's made. It's a good way of finding something new.

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But maybe you're the mixed drink type. No worries, you're not left out here, either. DA has an entire cocktail section, which not only gives some insight into what the drink is, but also how to make it. Hell, you could use that at home if you're so inclined. Make me a Bloody Mary while you're at it, please.

Finally, there's the social aspect of the app, because what is going to bars if not social? You can, of course, connect it to various social networks like Facebook and Twitter, making it easy to plan a night out with friends. From there, you can set up an event, which allows you to send out invites for a specific date, time, and location to the people of your choosing.

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It's all very simple and streamlined, and the best part is price: the app is completely free. To check it out for yourself, hit the widget below and give it a shot.

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DrinkAdvisor: Nightlife Guide
DrinkAdvisor: Nightlife Guide