Listening to the radio has been a social experience since families first gathered around them in their living rooms, and now TuneIn Radio is ready to fully embrace this aspect. The Android app has received an update that injects a fresh dose of social features. Some of these build upon the way the software previously functioned, while other aspects are entirely new.

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TuneIn listeners can now follow shows, podcasts, and friends, with their personalized feeds displaying live updates from all of these sources. An explore function is available to discover new content with, which users can then share with their own followers.

What's new:
  • Updated look and feel
  • You now can follow shows and podcasts
  • Your past favorites are now in your profile tab
  • TuneIn suggests stations, shows and categories to follow, based on your interests
  • Your personalized feed brings you live updates from the stations, shows and people you follow
  • Use the Explore function to discover great new stations and content to follow
  • The TuneIn Echo let’s you share what you’re listening to with your friends and followers
  • We’ve added a navigation drawer

The app is decidedly brighter than it used to be. A teal action bar replaces the previous striped, black one; and the entire UI just feels open and airy. Things have moved around, but returning users shouldn't have too much trouble finding their way around.

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The app remains available in two versions. The free one contains ads,  but the pro version will take care of those for $3.99.

Update: On the negative side, the previously available Google+ sign-in option looks nowhere to be found.


TuneIn Radio Pro - Live Radio
TuneIn Radio Pro - Live Radio
Developer: TuneIn Inc
Price: $9.99+

Source: TuneIn