Google Wallet received a relatively minor update today, too (along with Camera), making a few subtle changes to the UI and a couple of feature tweaks. Most notable, perhaps, is that the explore offers feature has been removed altogether (offers live in Maps now, apparently). The other feature change is an addition, not a subtraction, with Wallet now allowing you to receive notification for package shipment statuses on items ordered using Wallet.

Screenshot_2014-05-07-11-36-06 Screenshot_2014-05-07-11-37-24 Screenshot_2014-05-07-11-37-37

The UI underwent a few revisions, too, with your cards and bank account now managed centrally with a dedicated tab in the slideout navigation menu, which itself also looks just a little bit different, adding an account selector and removing the admin section.

What’s New

Google Wallet v2.0-R163-v17

  • Multiple account selector (did the old app even support multiple accounts?).
  • Cards selector button moved to the slideout nav and is now called Cards and accounts. 
  • Admin divider removed from slideout nav
  • Explore Offers removed?
  • New setting in Notifications: "Orders: Receive notifications when an order is shipped, out for delivery, or couldn't be delivered."


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Version: v2.0-R163-v17

MD5: 24b09cf0af314879b8402c79e3401074.

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