We've generally liked Dropcam's products, and the company's commitment to strong Android integration has certainly helped. Today, Dropcam announced a new product in the company's lineup, and for once, it's not a camera. Meet Dropcam Tabs - the company's take on motion sensors.


Dropcam Tabs are small adhesive dongles that can be attached to doors, windows, or really any object whose movement you want to track. Dropcam's software allows you to configure the Tab based on what it's attached to, too (door, window, or object proximity alert). The Tabs are powered by Bluetooth LE, and pair with Dropcam Pro, which to be clear is required in order to use the Tabs (it acts as a hub). The standard Dropcam and Dropcam HD are not supported, apparently.


The Tabs will retail for $29 apiece and come in black or white, shipping this summer. It is not clear what kind of battery life you'll be able to get out each of these (it could be years, based on our understanding of BTLE's crazy efficiency), or whether the battery is rechargeable or user-replaceable, so there are some questions remaining. The actual software for the Tabs isn't exactly on display in detail, either, so you're pre-ordering a bit in the dark on some key details, I'd say.

Either way, they're up for grabs now if you head over to Dropcam's website.

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