As one of Sprint's prepaid mobile offerings, Boost Mobile's big draw is that it's affordable. But competition has ramped up as of late, and now the carrier has rolled out three new "Monthly Unlimited Select" service plans to shake things up. The offerings range from $40 to $60, and all are technically unlimited, only not really.


Taking a closer look, the lowest plan offers 500MB of data. Users who exceed that amount then find themselves throttled down to 2G speeds for the remainder of the month. To make matters worse, all video streaming may be limited to 3G, regardless of how much of your allotment is left.

A $50 plan is available that offers 2.5GB of data, while the $60 plan comes with 5GB. There are no higher plans available, meaning none of the options provided actually offer unlimited high speed data. Anyone who wants to use more than 5GB of Sprint's network data without being throttled would be better off actually using Sprint.


Boost Mobile previously offered plans with shrinking payments, meaning a customer could take its $55 plan and lower it down to $40 a month. For every six months of on-time payments, Boost would take $5 off the bill. With the new plans, this is no longer the case.

Boost Mobile Launches Unlimited Plans Starting at Only $40/Month
New “Monthly Unlimited Select” Plans Provide Consumers with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Solutions to Fit Individual Needs on Phone of Their Choice

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Boost Mobile, a leader in the no-contract wireless industry, today provides its customers even greater value with the introduction of “Monthly Unlimited Select” – three new plans, starting at just $40/month.

“With the unveiling of Monthly Unlimited Select, Boost Mobile once again evens out the playing field with compelling, competitively priced offers”

Boost’s Monthly Unlimited Select plans offer value-conscious consumers three easy-to-understand plans that all include unlimited talk, text and data1. Each plan offers different data usage thresholds to help address the varying data needs of consumers. Boost further simplifies the consumer shopping experience by making the Monthly Unlimited Select plans available on all phones in its device portfolio. Consumers no longer need to pay a monthly premium for a smartphone – Boost Mobile customers will even be able to get the all new Samsung Galaxy S® 5 (coming to May 19) on a $40/month plan.

“With the unveiling of Monthly Unlimited Select, Boost Mobile once again evens out the playing field with compelling, competitively priced offers,” said Dow Draper, President, Sprint Prepaid Group. “This new package reflects what we hear our customers want: straightforward, value-oriented options that provide more or less data depending on their individual needs.”

Other benefits of Monthly Unlimited Select on Boost Mobile include access to:

  • the popular Boost Mobile Wallet, an industry-first mobile solution powered by Wipit, that provides Boost Mobile Android™ and iPhone® customers with a cash-based vehicle for accessing cost-effective financial services
  • new International Minute Packs, so customers only buy what they need for international calling
  • add-ons including International Connect, Handset Insurance, and AirG

For more information on Monthly Unlimited Select, click here.