People who bought the un-flattened LG G Flex on the un-carrier T-Mobile should be on the lookout for a chocolate dose of new features. The carrier has announced a software update is hitting devices starting today, bumping them up to Android 4.4 and software version D95920d.


On the G Flex's update support page, T-Mobile lists the update as Android 4.4.3. Considering that the Sprint G Flex just received Android 4.4.2 a week ago, this is probably a typo. Both versions of the handset are making the transition from an aging build of Android 4.2.2.

Jelly beans are fine, but these days, it's all about breaking off a piece of something sticker. T-Mobile G Flex owners should be able to get their fingers all over KitKat on their curved displays soon enough. Just hit up those update buttons.

Source: T-Mobile