It's a good thing originality isn't a pre-requisite for a good game, otherwise there would be far less enjoyment to be had on our mobile devices. Heroes: A Grail Quest is yet another clone, this time inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, but that shouldn't prevent it from being a fun little experience. Game Dev Team, aside from having perhaps the most straightforward and honest name in the industry, has also developed the moderately well-received Sky Aces series and a 3D RTS based on mechs. Now it's ready to apply those skills to a turn-based strategy game.

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Game Dev Team has brought along its trademark simple, somewhat adorable visuals for this latest release. Heroes: A Grail Quest probably won't contain many surprises, but it only costs a single dollar to download, and it doesn't contain any in-app purchases. Okay, that's one surprise, and it may be reason enough alone to accept this call to arms.

Heroes : A Grail Quest
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Developer: Game Dev Team
Price: $0.99