Boy, whoever picks those Amazon Gold Box sale items sure likes flash storage. It seems like at least once a week they've got a fire sale on SD cards, flash drives, and other descendants of the floppy. Today's sale has PNY-branded cards of both the SD and MicroSD variety, the latter of which will probably interest mobile users.


If you just need a little extra storage for some music and photos, the 16GB MicroSD card is $9.99, half off from a retail price of $20. The 32GB version, normally $35, is now just $16.99 (again, half off). And if you'd like to carry your entire collection of pirated Disney Blu-rays in one go, the 64GB MicroSDXC card is $34.99, with a slightly less dramatic $20 discount. As always with Amazon's Gold Box sales, the prices are good for today only (or as long as stock lasts), and Prime subscribers get free 2-day shipping.

Standard flash drives and camera-sized SD cards are also on sale if you're in the market, and Amazon is also offering PNY rechargeable USB battery packs: 2600mAh for $15, 5200mAh for $20, and 7800mAh for $28. I'd shop around for those, though - there tends to be a pretty wide range of price, size, and capacity on battery packs. Here's a 9000mAh model with a built-in flashlight for $30.

Source: Amazon Gold Box