Google still hasn't graced us with a new 10-inch Nexus tablet, which is undoubtedly a bummer. The Nexus 10 is still floating around, though, and you can find one for cheap if you know where to look. Case in point, the N10 is featured in today's eBay deals, and it's only $269.99.

2014-05-02 13_28_15-New Samsung Google Nexus 10 P8110 Android 10_ 16GB WiFi Tablet Black 88727600603

This is a completely new, unopened Nexus 10 – an increasingly rare commodity these days. Most eBay deals for this device are refurbished units. If you go by the original retail cost, you save about $130 here.

The sale goes for the next 20 hours as of this posting, or until all units are sold. The price includes free shipping in the US, but you can pay to have it shipped to most areas of the world.

Nexus 10 (16GB)