Koush has been busy since leaving Cyanogen Inc. to spend more time working on his various projects. A new update for AllCast is set to roll out soon with an interesting new feature. Users with a Fire TV will be able to stream video to the TV, but route the audio through the phone only. Why would you want to do this? It's private listening mode.

This feature will allow you to plug in headphones and listen to the audio track via the phone or tablet without disturbing anyone else nearby. While in this mode, the TV won't make a peep. It's similar to the headset feature on some newer Roku remotes.

So what about the Chromecast? It's not likely to happen, according to Koush. The Fire TV is a much more full-featured device that can handle advanced A/V parsing. The Chromecast is a basic streaming target that lacks the power to properly split audio off without screwing up sync. At least Fire TV people can be happy about the new feature. Koush didn't say exactly when this would be available, just "soon."

Developer: ClockworkMod
Price: Free

[+Koushik Dutta]