The Moto X might be getting on toward its twilight years, but it's still a great phone with killer features. Motorola's promised Mother's Day sale is active, which means you can get this device for a mere $299.99 for the 16GB version.

2014-05-01 01_34_43-Motorola - A Google Company

Unlike past promotions, today's deal is automatic and requires no wacky coupon codes. Just head over to the Motorola site and choose between the Moto Maker 16GB ($299.99), Moto Maker 32GB ($324.99), or the Developer Edition (also $324.99). Adding a wood back to one of the Moto Maker editions still costs an extra $25, though. If you do pick one up, Motorola is even throwing in a free Skip NFC unlock device.

This deal is only live through 11:59pm ET tonight. This might be your last chance to justifiably buy a Moto X before the anticipation of a refresh forces you to wait it out.