Facebook's entry into the alternative SMS game has quickly reached its fifth release. This update doesn't contain a huge visual overhaul, but it does have some impressive new additions to the main chat window that will make it easier to send all your non-textual communications. The update should be live for everyone now - check the Play Store if you want it immediately, or just wait for the alert or auto-download.

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Open a new or archived chat with someone, and you'll see a new row of icons along the bottom of your device screen. The functions are as follows: standard text, take an instant photo, upload a photo, insert a sticker, voice message, and "like," which inserts a giant thumbs up into the conversation. The only truly new feature here is the quick link to the camera - it will open up a little "selfie" window just below your conversation, so you don't even have to switch to the camera app to start shooting. You can also switch to your rear camera instead.

The app now supports sending videos from your device directly in chat if you've got Android 4.3 or later. If you really must, now you can find sticker packs more easily: just tap a sticker that your friend uses and it will open the store page for the relevant pack, which you can download and/or pay for. Facebook says the app also has faster contact search, but it seems about the same to me.