Today Sprint unveiled a pair of partnerships it hopes will draw in music aficionados in need of a new phone. For starters, the carrier has teamed up with Harman to produce the exclusive HTC One M8 Harman Edition. This phone will come with a black and gold finish, along with enhanced sound (not that the M8 needs much help in that department). Sprint's also tossing in a pair of Harman Kardon AE-S headphones. The phone will become available online starting May 2nd, arriving in stores a week later on May 9th.


To further entice customers, Sprint is giving out six months of free Spotify Premium access to all free and existing postpaid Sprint customers who are on a Framily plan. Those who aren't have to settle for 3 months free instead. To make joining a framily look even more appealing, members will get to continue their Spotify access at a discounted promotional price. Those with up to five members can pay $7.99, whereas groups of 6 - 10 can pay $4.99, for up to 18 months. Altogether, this equals two years of Spotify Premium access for less than the usual $9.99 a month. The offer will go into effect on May 2nd, the same day the Harman Kardon Edition HTC One M8 launches.


Source: Sprint