Before the end of this year, the Nod ring may just offer perhaps the sleekest way yet to control your Android devices, smart TV, computer, and other devices using the Force - ahem, Bluetooth. Just by sliding this gadget onto a finger, users should be able to replicate swipes and mouse movements with a wave of the hand.

Prior products haven't really nailed this type of interaction in a way that's really usable in a practical sense. Whether Nod will perform any better remains to be seen. It's available for pre-order at a price of $149.99 starting today, with the final product eventually shipping out this fall.


Worst case scenario, you walk away with a futuristic-looking ring. Best case, the PreCrime division may finally be able to hire someone else who knows how to work their computers.

Whipsaw introduces Nod, a groundbreaking gesture control ring
Highly integrated design and technology best describe this stunning new Whipsaw release

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Whipsaw Inc., the Silicon Valley-based Industrial Design and Engineering firm that creates innovative products for companies around the globe, joins Nod Labs in announcing Nod - the most advanced gesture control device to date. Stylish, light and versatile, Nod is unique in the world of functional, wearable tech. It's an always-on ring that serves as a universal controller to the many smart devices in your connected life including smartphones, tablets, Google Glass, smartwatches, home appliances, smart TVs, computers and more. Simply wear Nod on your finger, point and gesture naturally, and watch as your devices magically react to your subtle movements.

"Nod's magic lies at the nexus of gesture, design and technology," said Dan Harden, CEO of Whipsaw, Nod Labs' industrial design and engineering partner.

With no need to learn unfamiliar motions or intricate gestures, using the Nod is intuitive and natural. The Bluetooth-enabled ring responds to the simple movements you make: rotate your hand to adjust the temperature on your smart thermostat, point to turn your television on, change channels, adjust the volume, and glide across Nod's gestural keyboard to search for your favorite show.

"There has always been a computing revolution around new input methods – the keyboard, the mouse or the touchscreen, are good examples," said Anush Elangovan, CEO and Founder of Nod Labs. "We are at the cusp of the next such revolution around input – touchless interaction with Nod. The human body becomes the input to connect directly with connected devices in your environment."

Nod is available for limited pre-sale starting today at for $149.00 USD. Orders will begin shipping in Fall 2014.

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