The tinny speakers on your smartphone are no good for listening to music (HTC One owners, please ignore), so Samsung has decided to offer you a new audio option. The Samsung Level series consists of four mobile audio products – Level Over, Level On, Level In, and Level Box. So what the heck are they? Here's a hint: the names describe their relationship to your ears.

LevelOver_Black_1 LevelIn_Black_2 LevelOn_Black_1

The Level Over are over-the-ear headphones with Bluetooth and big 50mm Neodymium drivers. A step down from that are the Level On headphones, which sit on your ears and have a 40 mm dual-layered diaphragm. Then there are the Level In – can you guess what they are? Yes, earbuds packing a three-way speaker system. The Level Box is the odd man out – it's a wireless Bluetooth speaker with 56mm stereo speakers and a passive radiator. All the specs you can handle are just below.


Level Over

  • Sound: 50mm Bio-Cellulose Diaphragm with Neodymium Magnet, Active Noise Cancellation
  • Bluetooth: BT 3.0 / apt-X, SBC
  • Interface: Smart Touch Control / 3.5 mm ear jack
  • Features: S Voice, Bluetooth pairing, 2mic noise reduction / Echo cancellation
  • Talk(Listening) / Standby time when ANC On : 15hr/30hr
  • Talk(Listening) / Standby time when ANC Off : 30hr/200hr
  • Dimensions: 175x190x78 mm, 350g

Level On

  • Sound: 40mm dual layered diaphragm
  • Interface: 3.5 mm ear jack
  • Features: S Voice
  • Dimensions: 161.75x181.4x70.4 mm, 209.8g

Level In

  • Sound: Three-way speaker system
  • Interface: 3.5 mm ear jack
  • Features: S Voice
  • Weight: 15.7g

Level Box

  • Sound: 56mm Large stereo speaker with passive radiator
  • Bluetooth: NFC, Bluetooth pairing button
  • Interface: Smart Touch Control / 3.5 mm ear jack
  • Features: S Voice, Speaker Phone (Conference Call), Built-in MIC & Noise reduction/Echo cancellation
  • Dimensions: 164.3x62.3x69.2 mm, 600g
  • Battery: 15 hours of playback

LevelOver_White_2 LevelIn_White_1 LevelOn_White_2

There will be a Samsung Level app in Google Play and Samsung Apps specifically for the Level Over with custom EQ settings and effects. S Voice is included with all these products, a selling point for users of Samsung devices. Although, users of other devices ought to be able to plug them in and hear sound coming out of the other end.


s_LevelSeries_Black%5B3%5D s_LevelSeries_White%5B3%5D

So that leaves us with two questions about Samsung Level: when and how much? On the first count, around the middle of May in most markets. As for the price, your guess is as good as ours. Samsung neglected to list the price in the PR, so we'll have to wait and see.

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