So you decided to save yourself a few bucks and opted for the 16GB version of the latest phone, or even worse, are still stuck with an 8GB Nexus 4*, and now you're really feeling the pinch. The phone's lacking a microSD card slot, and that cloud storage isn't helping all that much on a limited data connection. What's a guy or gal to do? Pick up one of these dandy flash drives with dual microUSB/USB support. A 64GB Patriot Stellar option is currently up on Amazon for just $28.99, over 50% off its usual price. This is a great deal, even cheaper than the Corsair Flash Voyager drive that's also on sale today.


The 32GB option is available for 40% off, but that leaves it at $29.99, which is more expensive than the more sizable version. The 16GB one going for 53% off is the most affordable at $18.99, but really, spend the extra ten bucks and treat yourself to something nice. Here's a link.

64GB Patriot Stellar USB 3.0 OTG MicroUSB/USB drive on Amazon

*The Nexus 4 requires quite a bit of effort to work with a USB stick.