When it comes to soccer games for Android, there is no shortage of options. There's soccer for FIFA fans, soccer for strategic types who'd rather not get their shoes dirty, real soccer, and (of course) soccer for zombies. Now we have a game for people who want to play from the air-conditioned comfort of their rally cars, Soccer Rally 2.

Soccer Rally 2 combines soccer with top-down racing, only there's little racing to be found here. This emphasis here is on knocking the spotted ball around. The game consists primarily of challenges. Completing them wins you medals, which then unlock more challenges. It's the kind of payoff that only makes sense in the video game world - but hey, so is the very thought of cars playing soccer.*



The game offers multiple cars that are available for purchase, and as you would expect, this means it contains virtual currency. Fortunately, the prices don't look too egregious (but when it comes to fake money, that isn't saying much).



Soccer Rally 2 offers spiffy visuals, straightforward virtual controls, single-device multiplayer, a wacky concept, and enough of the requisite ingredients for a good time. It's free, and there are ads, but upon first glance they don't seem too intrusive. The original may have never made it over to Android, but that does little to slow this ride down.

SoccerRally World Championship
SoccerRally World Championship

*Okay, that's not entirely true.