Ever since Google Now became a thing, I've used the hell out of Google search on my phone. Need to find a gas station? "Ok Google, where's the closest gas station?" Trying to find someplace I've never been before? "OK Google, navigate to <address>." You know, common stuff that just makes sense.

Now, Google is making it easier to find a restaurant near you, which includes a new "filter" option that lets the user define certain criteria, like price, rating, hours, and type of cuisine. Here's how it works: fire up your phone and say the hotword ("OK Google" on Nexus devices, "OK Google Now" on the Moto X) and tell it to find restaurants in your location. I'm outside of Dallas, so we'll just go with "downtown Dallas."

Screenshot_2014-04-25-15-51-48 Screenshot_2014-04-25-15-44-45 Screenshot (03_58PM, Apr 25, 2014)

As you can see, it spits out a pretty typical list of options. But then there's the "filter" button. This helps break things down nicely, so you can find the perfect restaurant. Simple, quick, and convenient. I dig.

This feature should be available now in Google Search on mobile – give it a shot.