IFTTT is the kind of black magic that web mages use to bend the Internet to their will. The best part is that the command that gets it to work is pretty simple. There's no abra cadabra or expelliarmus to memorize here. Just head to the website and fill in the blanks within the statement if ___ then ___ with triggers and actions (known as channels) of your choice. Now this special craft isn't just reserved for desktop use, as an official Android app is due out today that aspiring web wizards can carry around as their well-disguised wand.


This isn't the only Android app that integrates with IFTTT, but it is the first one that comes from the developers first-hand. The app works with any devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, and the interface scales to both smartphones and tablets.


This release comes months after the iOS version, but it offers a deeper degree of integration. To coincide with the launch, the IFTTT team has introduced six new channels specific to Android devices. With these new options, you could automatically upload photos to a cloud storage provider that doesn't offer an auto-upload solution of its own, or you could send a record of your phone's location to Google Drive. Heck, try syncing your tablet wallpaper with the images you post to social networks.

The link isn't live just yet, but you can find it in the widget below. Once it's up, lift those wands high. I want to see some magic.

Update: The link is live. Have at it, folks.

Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free+