Facebook just can't keep its hands on its money these days. First the company tossed $1 billion at the folks behind Instagram in order to acquire the service. Then the company agreed to exchange nineteen times that amount for WhatsApp. After that, it dropped another two billion for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Now it has gone after ProtoGeo, the makers of the Moves activity-tracking app.

Moves1 Moves2 Moves3

ProtoGeo announced the acquisition today in a blog post that's pretty sparse on the details. Neither company has disclosed the final price they agreed on. Thus far, Facebook hasn't integrated any of its acquisitions with its core offerings, and it looks like, at least for now, it intends to handle Moves the same way.

Facebook's website and apps already offered the ability to upload photos, exchange messages, and mark your location, but the latest three software acquisitions provide the company with apps that arguably do all of these things better. Facebook's apps can know your location when you share a message, whereas Moves goes much further by functioning as a pedometer that's capable enough to track time spent walking, running, or cycling, and trace your journey on a map.

There's no telling what company Facebook will scoop up next, but after Oculus VR, nothing's all that surprising anymore.

Developer: ProtoGeo
Price: Free

Source: Moves Blog