People are after your credit card information. Okay, this isn't a cable news report, so I'll dial it back a bit. Sometimes bad things happen when credit cards fall into the wrong hands, whether that's from physical theft or large-scale cyber crime. There's been a number of incidents in the news of late, so companies are doing what they can to provide their customers with peace of mind. So MasterCard has released a new MasterCard In Control app that monitors your credit card activity and notifies you if it detects anything suspicious.


The app displays your credit card purchases and allows you to set up alerts for all kinds of activity. Want to be notified when a purchase in made over the phone? Want to know if a purchase was made on your card from outside of the US? The options are there.

This app only works for MasterCard credit cards, which limits who can use it. But hey, the functionality isn't exactly new. Users have plenty of options, but if nothing else, this will hopefully encourage someone out there to take a more active role in protecting their finances.

MasterCard In Control™ US
MasterCard In Control™ US
Developer: MasterCard
Price: Free