One of the selling points of HTC's Advantage program is free Google Drive space. Of course, that's not as interesting as the free screen repair or update guarantee, but it's still part of the package. HTC has just posted a message on its Advantage website that alerts customers to a problem with the Google Drive deal. An error of some sort is preventing M8 owners on AT&T from redeeming that 50GB offer.

2014-04-23 11_48_23-HTC Customer Advantage _ HTC United States

The notice points to a "minor technical error" as the cause. No other details are available, so we're not completely sure who's to blame – HTC, AT&T, Google? HTC says it's working to fix the error, so maybe that's a way of admitting fault. Whoever it is, the glitch won't be fixed until the middle of May. At that time, customers should be able to redeem the 50GB Google Drive offer again.

You can see the notice for yourself on the Advantage page. Just scroll down to the Your Benefits section and look for the "AT&T HTC One (M8) Alert" link.

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