Garmin doesn't get as much attention in the age of smartphones, but pilots and other professionals still rely on it. The Garmin Pilot app is a tool for flyboys to keep track of what's going on in the great blue yonder, and it's just gotten a big update to v3.0.

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Here's the changelog from the new update. I have been led to believe these are important things.

  • Data driven (vector) base maps, with these and other features: 3 Fully configurable maps, SafeTaxi shows on vector maps (w/subscription), Auto-Zoom option, Night mode, Many more features
  • Extended runway centerline
  • Range rings
  • Ownship track vector line
  • Distance Measuring Tool
  • Map scale shown on map
  • 2-finger tap to zoom out

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My knowledge of airplanes is limited to a rudimentary understanding of lift and how to operate the overhead storage bins. So, I won't try to point out exactly which of these features you're supposed to be excited about. Pilots will know better than I, but the improved map detail and rendering speed seems like a good thing... right? Keep in mind the app download is free and comes with a 30 day trial, but a $9.99/month subscription is required after that.

Garmin Pilot
Garmin Pilot
Price: Free

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