OnePlus has been amazingly and infuriatingly evasive when it comes to their much-hyped One phone, bordering on "bloody cheeky" with their series of faux-viral specification and schedule reveals. Perhaps one of their hardware or marketing partners got as fed up with waiting as we are, because a full set of convincing photos and renders has been leaked via a Chinese forum.



The set of photos shows what looks like a pretty standard high-end phone, with the interesting addition of a variety of removable"StyleSwap" back covers, including various covers made of (or at least covered in) wood, carbon fiber, and denim. Beyond that, the One can be inferred to be a basic candybar design with capacitive navigation buttons. The One seems to share a lot of Oppo's industrial design, which makes sense, since OnePlus founder Pete Lau is a previous Oppo vice president. A particularly cynical observer might throw doubt upon just how much of a "leak" this is, considering the forced nature of the OnePlus marketing thus far, but the photos do look pretty genuine. Confirmed specs for the One so far include a 5.5" 1080p screen, a 13MP rear camera, a 3100mAh battery, and 3GB of RAM. Oddly, the leak includes an adapter for Apple's Lightning port.

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But of course, the hardware is only half the story of the OnePlus One, so the second half of this story is the phone's CyanogenMod-based stock software. A OnePlus staff member posted the following screenshots to the company forum early this morning (US time), calling it "CyanogenMod 11s." The Android 4.4 build features a combination of unique UI elements including a custom lock screen and icons and a built-in theme manager that appears modified from stock CM11. Cyanogen is building the software for the One from the ground up, unlike the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition, which features a more or less standard CyanogenMod ROM.

Screenshot_2014-04-19-10-35-50 Screenshot_2014-04-19-10-35-15

Screenshot_2014-04-19-10-27-44 Screenshot_2014-04-19-10-27-31 Screenshot_2014-04-19-11-24-25

OnePlus is planning to officially unveil the One phone on Wednesday, April 23rd. It's worth mentioning that the recently-announced invitation system, which will only allow you to buy the One after applying for an invite, receiving one from a friend, or participating in various forum contests, has already become a contentious matter for the OnePlus faithful.

Source: OnePlus forum, OnePlus BBS (Chinese) via Phandroid