Where's my water? I've been looking all over, and I'm still having a hard time finding it. I've enlisted the help of that green alligator guy, but we didn't get anywhere. I even went to Mickey Mouse, but he kept asking me for money. Now it's time to search in China with the help of the popular animated sheep Xi Yang Yang.



I'm not sure if I will fare any better this time around. The experience here looks to be over 80 levels filled with more of the same, just with fire and oil thrown into the mix. Though, there's a big bad wolf looking to eat XYY's friends and family, and I guess the water would go to better use saving them from becoming delicious meals anyway.

XYY wanted 99 cents before he was willing to help, and he wasn't too proud to nickel and dime me even after I paid his initial fee. I know he's apparently good with kids, but I'm just not sure I trust them not to give him all my money.

Maybe I'll just take them to experience Mystery Shack Attack instead. Disney just opened that place up nearby for $2.99, and it looks to be free of in-app purchases.


In the meantime, where's my water?

The app was not found in the store. :-(

The app was not found in the store. :-(