The premise behind Zombies, Run! is pretty simple - there are some zombies, and you're probably not going to want them to catch you. Fire up the app, stick some earbuds into your ear, and run. No, run! You typically don't spend too much time looking at your phone while using this app, but (wait, why did you stop moving, run!) the new update to version 3.0 will make sure the app looks holorific the next time you do.

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Developers Six to Start know users don't have all that much time to look at the app while they're running, so it's included a new wave of something other than zombies. Season 3 is now available, providing access to over 60 new episodes that will be released over the course of the upcoming weeks. Right now the first three missions are free to download.

For the launch, the team is offering season passes at discounted prices. Seasons 2 and 3 are going for $5.99 each (down from $7.99). The All Access pass containing seasons 2, 3, and Race Missions has dropped to $11.99 (from $15.99).

The update is available now, and you can get it via the Play Store below. Just, whatever you do, don't stop running.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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