So you think you're too cool for selfies? Well, NASA's Curiosity rover traveled millions of miles and landed on Mars with a rocket sled, and it has taken a selfie or two. Having established the huge importance of selfies, you're probably chomping at the bit to take some, so why not use the new camera app Frontback? You can probably guess what it does from the name.

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This app came to iOS last year, and has been pretty well-received. When you fire up Frontback, the app will have you take a snapshot with the back camera, then combines it with a selfie taken with the front camera. The stitched together image gives a little context to your reaction, serious or not.

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The app has Google+ sign-in, or you can make a Frontback account. Frontback supports sharing images to all the usual social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It's free and doesn't reuse the iOS design language, which is nice to see.

Frontback - Social Photos
Frontback - Social Photos