Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S5 globally last Friday, making it available for purchase at retailers all over the world. That said, not everyone is able to get their hands on it just yet. Sprint MVNO Ting isn't able to offer the devices at the same time as the carrier it's reliant on - but at least this time the wait isn't too long. Ting Galaxy S5 pre-orders are now available, with devices shipping out May 5th.


Ting is selling the Galaxy S5 for $597, a number that's lower than the full retail price at AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile. It's only $2 less than what Verizon's asking for, but as Ting articulated in the email it sent out to customers, you can do a lot with that amount of money.


Ting saves many of its customers money with low monthly bills, but it isn't always able to do the same when it comes to selling devices directly (which it only offers unsubsidized). Even then, its prices are sometimes more expensive than the competition's, with the company previously having to point people away from the Nexus 5 it could only sell at roughly $100 more than the Google Play price. This time, though, it looks like Ting customers might be able to save a few pennies all the way around.

Galaxy S5 pre-order on Ting