There are nothing short of three-quarter bajillion things that need to be remembered over the course of a day, and we as a species have steadily worked to provide a solution that compensates for our forgetfulness. Notepads work, but they take up space. Post-it notes aren't all that elegant or portable of a solution. Smartphones, when combined with the right app, are pretty close to nailing it. But can Google Glass do it better? Perhaps. Rememory, from developer Mariux Apps, is a Glass app that lets you store and recall memories without having to move a finger.

The process works by stating ok Glass, remember this and following up with a brief note. When you later recite Ok glass, recall memory and some keywords, Rememory will search previously saved memories for ones containing these search terms.

Rememory1 Rememory2

Rememory3 Rememory4

Rememory might be just the app for those of you currently taking advantage of the one day Google Glass is available for anyone in the US to purchase. Right now the only way to install the app is by sideloading it. You can get the zip file containing the apk file at the link below.

Rememory for Google Glass

Source: +MarioViviani