It's that time again. The Humble Bundle folks are back with another mobile bundle. This time we're looking at six games: Aralon: Sword and Shadow, Bag It!, Carcassonne, The Cave, The Room Two, and R-Type II. Three of these games are available for whatever you feel like paying, but you need to beat the average in order to get all six along with the next wave of games that's sure to arrive roughly a week from now.


The average currently sits at just over $4, which makes beating it an absolute steal. Yes, all of these bundles are great values, but this time in particular you're standing to gain at least three games that go for $5 each. The six games currently available cost over $20 altogether. Here's the proof.

Humble Mobile Bundle 5:

Beat the average:

So do yourself a favor and hit up the link below. After all, a proportion of your purchase goes to charity. That alone is worth at least a couple bucks, right?

Humble Mobile Bundle 5

Source: The Humble Mumble