Mother's Day will arrive next month, but it's never too early to appreciate that special woman who brought you into this world and/or devoted many years of her life to raising you. Many will be happy to receive nice flowers, a thoughtful card, or some article of clothing - but for that tech-savvy, Nexus-toting mom out there, the Play Store is here to help. Google has kicked off a Mother's Day promotion that will last until May 5th, offering up an entire year's subscription to certain magazines for just $5 and 50% off a good number of books (unfortunately, since there's no gifting functionality built into Google Play, you will have to buy these things under her account somehow).





Just think carefully before gifting your mom a subscription to a fitness magazine.

On the positive side, you don't need to be a mom to enjoy any of these items. If you see something on the list you've been raring to read, have at it. There's plenty to go around for mothers and their children alike.

Google Play Mother's Day Promotion