After much wringing of hands, it looks like Google Glass is back on its update track, with a long-awaited bump to KitKat imminent. Announced in a post to Glass' Google+ page earlier, the update is a big one. Obviously the headlining feature of the update is a move to Android 4.4, but Glass will soon be able to bundle photos, videos, and vignettes from each day (to free up precious timeline space), reply with photos in Hangouts, and send feedback directly from Glass.

Additionally, Glass will sort its ever-growing list of commands by frequency and recent history, meaning launch phrases you use often will bubble up to the top of the list.

Video calls are evidently getting the axe, as many users do not use them, and the feature isn't living up to the standards held by the Glass team (or explorers, according to the post). This seems like an odd decision, since video hangouts were one of the features that helped Glass make such a splash back at I/O 2012. The post does indicate that the feature will return when the experience is "better," but no real time frame is given.

Send feedback Send photo message Photo Bundles

It isn't clear from the initial post when explorers can expect the update to hit their high-tech headsets, but it should be any time now, and the Glass team promises to divulge more details in the explorers community. We'll update this post when more info emerges.

Source: Google Glass