Update: It looks like the campaign was canceled just as we posted. The message below was added to the Kickstarter page. It looks like the developers are still raising money, but not through Kickstarter, oddly.

It is with great regret we have to suspend this Kickstarter, primarily due to projections of this Kickstarter being 2/3rd short of its goal...however we offer a revised goal

Original post: Another popular piece of desktop software is aiming for a mobile debut – the mega-popular music player foobar2000. The developers hope to get a version of foobar working on Android (and other platforms) by the end of the year, but the feature set will depend on how well the Kickstarter campaign goes.

The foobar2000 player has long been a favorite on Windows due to its robust functionality and elaborate skinning system. The developers are looking to get £60,000 (a little more than $100k) in the next 56 days for the mobile version – the Kickstarter is hovering around £2,000 right now. If the campaign reaches £120,000, the standard music playback features will be augmented with social integration. At £160,000 foobar2000 mobile will get a foobar cloud storage and syncing service.

If you want in on this, you'll have to spend a little more than your average app purchase. For £16 (about $26) you get a final copy of foobar2000 on all supported platforms (the £4 tier is only a 'thanks' reward). The cost and rewards go up from there as usual (shirts, headphones, and so on). On the desktop, foobar is freeware, and the basic mobile version will be as well. A premium version will cost some undecided amount of money, and there may be a subscription fee for the social and cloud elements. You have until June 9th to decide if you want to support this project.

[foobar2000 mobile, Kickstarter – Thanks, Arun Golla]