Until Android Wear comes to consumers, Pebble is going to continue to have the most robust app ecosystem of any wearable device. Music Boss is a particularly impressive app for the Pebble. It connects to your phone to control music playback with the Pebble's built-in buttons. The most recent update streamlines the process a bit by properly detecting what's going on with the phone.

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Here's the changelog for v1.8.2.1.

  • Music Boss now supports native song information display for all apps that post notifications to the status bar for all versions of Android (4.0+) (Spotify, Songza, Audible, Pandora, TuneIn and more).
  • Music Boss can now detect the music app you are currently using and automatically switch to it! Preferences/General Preferences.

The universal song display expands the usefulness of this app, but the second point is probably more notable. Music Boss can detect the active music app and switch to it automatically. This saves you from manually selecting it. It's not like that's the most arduous thing in the world, but this is the kind of thing a smart watch should be able to do. Make sure you restart the phone after updating to this version.