Wind-up Knight 2 first appeared in the Play Store last month, but it was geo-restricted to Canada to get the kinks worked out. Now it's ready for everyone else to take a look at. Just like the previous title, Wind-up Knight 2 is an action-platformer with style to spare. It offers in-app purchases, but does so in a pretty reasonable way.

The side-scrolling gameplay from the original has been tweaked a little with new combat and maneuvering mechanics, but it's still the same basic side-scrolling platformer. You have to avoid obstacles and take out enemies to reach the end of each level. Along the way you collect coins that are used to buy new gear. The graphics have been cleaned up a lot from the original with better textures and smoother lines as well.

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Wind-up Knight 2 includes a few levels for free, but you have to pay to unlock the rest. There is a 48 hour $3.99 special offer to unlock the full version when you first launch the game. After that it's a whopping $8.99. The full game purchase comes with some coins and armor too.

Wind-up Knight 2
Wind-up Knight 2
Developer: Robot Invader
Price: Free+