When I had the Republic Wireless Moto X for testing, the company said it planned to have support for reactivations ready in a few months. Well, it's finally happening – Republic Wireless can now handle reactivations for the Moto X and the older Motorola Defy XT.


Without reactivations, you can never put a Republic device on a different account than the one it was originally activated on. That's a problem if you want to jump ship to another carrier and sell the phone (or if you want to buy a used RW phone from one of those folks). This will be supported on all Republic Wireless phones from here onward, but the old LG Optimus beta device isn't supported.

The Defy XT can be reactivated by going to the Republic Wireless site and adding the necessary information to your account. The Moto X and future devices can be reactivated from the prompts when you power it up. Check out the Republic site for all the specifics.

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